10 ways you can start practicing Sabbath TODAY

September 7, 2017

here’s how a normal day looks for me: wake up at 7:30 (aka hit the snooze button until 8), shower, pack my lunch, get ready for work, and rush out the door. i spend 9 hours at work and then when i get home i either have to leave right away for a meeting, church, or to meet up with someone for coffee or a quick hang. i’m tired by 9 and then my day is over! when i’m not leaving the house right away there are normally an average of 7 extra people in our house playing mario kart, cooking or just plain hanging out. it’s hard to catch a moment alone.




and it’s not that i necessarily want to be alone, because if i am- i’m going to get major FOMO (fear of missing out)  for all of the places i could be or people i could be with that i’m not.


i know you guys can relate.  most people that i know have even busier schedules than me- and i’m not complaining! i’m seriously having the time of my life. the relationships i’ve developed and roles i’ve stepped into in the past 6 months are amazing and fruitful and awesome, but something really important that God has been teaching me is how to rest. 


i used to think rest just meant you got enough sleep at night and maybe took a few naps here and there. i used to think when people talked about sabbath that it was just kind of a suggestion. but as my life gets busier and busier and i take more and more onto my plate i’m learning the hard way how important rest is.


i think a lot of us write off the fact that one of the 10 commandments is to obey the sabbath. how crazy is that? sabbath is up there with not stabbing a random person on the street- why?


i think it’s because there is no possible way to be our best selves, or pour into our calling, without first pouring into ourselves.




it’s not selfish. it’s actually selfless. taking time to rest and recoup puts you in a position to be your best self when you aren’t resting. if you’re always so tired and giving half of yourself to everything you’re doing, how much good will that do? in my opinion, being halfway invested in something is worse than not being invested at all. we aren’t called to be half-in-half-out people, we’re called to be ALL IN, every time. 


lets put ourselves in a position to give all of ourselves to the things we are passionate about, by investing in ourselves, mentally and not just physically.


like i said before, i used to think resting just meant getting your 8 hours in. but i’m learning it’s so much more. practicing the sabbath isn't just for sundays. it should be something you’re practicing each and every day.


here’s the hard part- sometimes that means missing out on things your friends are doing, or canceling your coffee date with someone that week, which can result in FOMO (one of the worst diseases of our generation).




i get FOMO pretty bad. but I’m learning to listen to my gut instead of pushing myself to my limits. 


For example, every week after the U, our college ministry, about 15 of us go to a random restaurant and get food. This endeavor starts around midnight and usually ends around 2. by the time i drive everyone home that needs a ride, i’m in bed by 2:30 or 2:45. since i’ve started working full time, i’m learning that i can’t always go out and get food because that will push me too far, and i know once i get there with everyone i won’t want to leave. so most days i don’t go. not because i don’t want to, but because i know pushing myself more than i can handle is going to ruin my interactions with everyone the next day - whether its at work, on the street, or at my house. i don’t want to risk being half of who i should be the next day, so i choose to be my full self where i can handle it. 


i want to give you guys some ideas on what you can do to rest or practice sabbath in your life        every day that will result in a much more excited/energized/full you. most of these only take around 20 minutes so you can totally fit them in- if you try!  :


  1. take a 20 minute unplugged walk. it doesn’t have to be in nature, you can walk around your neighborhood for awhile. don’t bring your phone, pray without interruptions as you walk.

  2. make yourself a hot chocolate and close your bedroom door. open up a book.

3.   take yourself out for coffee. :) 

4.   do something creative that you don’t normally have time for. ( i like to write letters to people and maybe make the front look pretty with little drawings) 

5.   take a bath! this is one of my favorites. don’t bring your phone in with you! just light a candle and pour some bubbles in! have some alone time talking to God and feeling pampered!

6.   try a new recipe! something i like to make that is short and easy is smoothies! it’s so easy to find ingredients and you always feel so healthy after drinking a homemade smoothie!

7.   watch a show you’ve been wanting to catch up on! some people say watching TV is lazy, i say if it makes you happy and gives you time to recharge, do it! its relaxing!

8.   create a prayer journal! spend time writing in it each day! focus on giving your stress to the Lord.

9.   go window shopping! guilty pleasure: try on your fav dress in the store and take a photo in the dressing room so it feels like you own it but you don’t have to spend all that money ;). stick that selfie on vsco. you know you want to. 

10. PODCASTS! podcasts are tanner & i’s LIFE. if you ever need podcast recommendations, hit us up. or just listen to vous church. you can’t go wrong. 



these are all just little things that i do to help me recoup and that make me happy :) sometimes i cancel my plans with friends because i just really need a night to myself. even though it sucks to miss out, i know it will be worth it because when my soul is happy and well nourished, i can give that back to others. 


i hope you guys find some time to rest this week! a lot of times i have to fight for my rest time, i  might even jot it down in my planner! this week monday was a ME night. it was awesome. i Facetimed my sister, watched bachelor in paradise and drank some tea! I also cleaned up my room and took a bath. Tuesday turned out great after that :)


LOVE YOU GUYS!!! thanks for reading xoxo 

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