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6 months of marriage. 

I went into marriage thinking I would be the best wife in the world. That I would laugh at everything Tanner said, cook the best meals + keep the house sparkling clean at all times.

I think a lot of young wives or wives in general go into marriage...


Hello everyone!!!! It’s been a good 3 months I think since I’ve written a blog and a lot has happened in my life since then. Mostly the reason I haven’t written though is because I’ve been struggling with feeling like my words don’t have weight. Like “who am I to give...


culture paints the idea that to be the ideal woman you need to be caring and nurturing, yet not sensitive or emotional. you need to invest your heart into things you care about, but crying over something makes you crazy. you should be able to be someone who loves uncon...


warning: RANT

probably one of my biggest pet peeves is when i talk to someone about my faith & their response is, “that’s awesome, but i’m not religious.” 

cool. neither am i.

religion is not the same as following Jesus. religion is something that was created by HUMANS as...


here’s how a normal day looks for me: wake up at 7:30 (aka hit the snooze button until 8), shower, pack my lunch, get ready for work, and rush out the door. i spend 9 hours at work and then when i get home i either have to leave right away for a meeting, church, or to...


about two years ago i overdosed on caffeine during finals week (thanks college!) i was being stupid and drank death wish coffee all day while preparing for an all nighter. ever since this day i have become somewhat of a hypochondriac. 

actually to be more real i’ve beco...


my man proposed 7 days after he turned 19. that, i know is far from the usual “timeline” that people like to follow. but you know what they say, “when you know, you know!” the biggest question we’ve gotten since we got engaged is definitely, “how did you know they were...


put yourself into a situation. you’re an average college student, going through the motions; studying, eating at the cafeteria, trying to keep a 3.0. one day, you and a few friends go out to dinner for taco night, and one of your best friends looks at you and says “you...


hey guys! first, i want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me to tell me that my blog has encouraged them or just that they related to it or enjoyed it! i feel like i have so many more friends since i wrote my last blog! being real and honest connects...


a lot of people tell me “i want your life.” or “you have the coolest life” or “i want to be you.” 

i’m not saying that to brag, in all reality, it concerns me when people tell me these things! not because i’m not thankful for my life.. but mostly because i guess i’m rea...


We’ve all heard the cliche saying, “wait for God’s timing, He has a plan for you, it’ll all turn out how it’s supposed to.” However, for a lot of us, I feel like we discredit those words. All too often it feels as if we are just settling. What we want, or need, isn’t c...


a few years ago around october, it was just starting to get really cold for the season. It was my first year away at college, and my boyfriend was still in high school. I missed him a lot, and I missed playing my favorite sport, soccer. So, when he texted me that he co...


people have been asking constantly about why we spent two months in hawaii, lol, and also just how we afford to travel in general, so i figured i would write a post about my travel tips for young, poor people (like me!)

1. if you want to travel, you have to really want...


This is a topic that has been on my heart for a long time, but explaining it to people without seeming condemning or like a “judgy Christian” has always been my fear. So I’m going to be vulnerable and share my heart with you on the topic of sex before marriage or livin...


I was always that girl who had a boyfriend. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been single since I was in 8th grade for any significant amount of time. It might be because I’m a hopeless romantic, or because I just love the idea of having someone to share life with. I’ve al...

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